I write about the Victoria blues music community, about the performers and the audience and the other supporters.

How did this begin?  Early in 2011, a dear friend came out from Toronto to surprise me at my then favourite blues jam in the middleclass comfortable Strathcona Hotel Clubhouse room.

He looked around and said “These people look like they’ve been rode hard and put away wet”.

He looked around and said “These people look like they’ve been rode hard and put away wet”.  I looked around, and I saw something very different than people whose lives had been hard – that cliché about who plays and who loves the blues music. First, there was me – a former social policy analyst (among my varied professional career), and I knew in the room that day were also two senior government managers, an accountant, a professional financial planner, a professional dancer, and an array of other working professionals such as a bodywork therapist, a number of professional artists of various modalities, and then there more than a handful of longtime professional career musicians.  So who knew what the others were in their lives outside this room?  The next set began, and he turned to me with astonishment, “Why, these guys are good!  They’re really professional! They could play anywhere!” Yep. The musicians of that set actually were longtime professionals, staunch musical journeymen working the music and the audience but come together jamming for the pleasure of strutting their stuff for and with each other.

I realized then, that I had two tasks on which to embark.  First, that for my own pleasure, I was going to work hard at giving good audience in appreciation for the joys given me from the performers. So when I’m there, I’m inside the music in body and soul, and that means no talking or distracting me from what I’m giving to the stage.  The performers deserve this respect.

"..I needed to write about this extraordinary place where people come to remember and experience passion..."

Second, that I needed to write about this extraordinary place where people come to remember and experience passion and so I needed to introduce us to each other – I needed to find out who these people really were besides that they sometimes came out to be audience to this wonderful visceral music.  I needed to write the stories – mini-biographies, perhaps – but it wasn’t going to be as music expert nor as gushing fan.  I wanted each of my introductions to contain truth and sometimes poignant revelations of life lessons learned.  So I hoped that readers would allow me my voice in doing so. 

I continue this journey of discovery on this webpage, and I hope that you will enjoy meeting all the fascinating passionate people who share love of this music.


What I write on this website
www.bluesblush.com  is purely of my own opinions.  I have no financial or other influential considerations offered that might sway my opinions one direction or another.  These are my understandings, my insights, observations, interpretations and biases.  While I may be supportive of the ventures of others, I do not endorse any product or service by noting them on my website – it is a courtesy only that I may choose to extend to the business community.  I am not a music expert, nor am I a musician – I am purely of the audience and this is the music which drives my blood and vibrates into my bones and gives me the joy of passion and the company of those who share its essence.



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